John Bowne High School is a welcoming multicultural school community.  All community members build on their diversity through collaborative action and global awareness. Stakeholders are empowered by developing critical thinking, social, and emotional skills and by pursuing life with a passion for constructing knowledge in the areas of STEM, humanities, sports and the arts. Quay thử xổ số hôm nay​​​​​​​


At John Bowne High School, we believe that student learning and well being is the priority. All students can learn to their potential when provided with the support and guidance needed. Students cultivate their talents, critical thinking, and technology skills through their engagement in the learning process. Our commitment to improvement ensures that our students are well-rounded and lifelong learners. The diversity among our students and staff enhances our ability to provide students with an engaging curriculum, as well as advance global awareness among all stakeholders. Through promoting high expectations, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for nurturing the school's mission.

In order to prepare students to contribute to a changing world and engage in lifelong learning, John Bowne High School provides a balanced, varied school curriculum designed to meet the academic, cultural, and social-emotional needs of individuals from the diverse backgrounds of our community. We utilize our Community Based Organizations to assist in meeting the varied needs of our students and provide support within the school day, in addition to after school activities.